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What to expect when filing for workers’ comp in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

When you experience a work-related injury or illness, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits. This program covers the costs of medical bills and other expenses. Your employer must have workers’ comp insurance if the company has at least five employees. 

Review the process of receiving workers’ comp in Mississippi to help the application process go smoothly. 

Seeking medical treatment

You can see your own primary care doctor for a workplace injury or illness in Mississippi. After you file your claim, your doctor can also refer you to one specialist. Additional specialty referrals must receive approval from the workers’ comp insurance provider. 

Reporting the injury

You have 30 days from the injury or diagnosis of a work-related illness to notify your employer. After you give official notice, your employer will file a claim with its insurance provider. The insurance adjuster will review medical records and other documentation to decide whether to approve or deny your claim. However, Mississippi does have a no-fault system for workers’ comp benefits. 

Receiving benefits

You will receive notice of the benefits decision from your employer’s insurance provider. If approved, the insurance company will cover medical visits and treatments, hospital bills, doctor visits, medications, and medical devices associated with your illness or injury. You may also qualify for partial or total temporary or permanent disability benefits depending on whether you can eventually return to some type of work. 

You can appeal a denied workers’ comp claim with the state Workers’ Compensation Commission. With this process, a judge will hear your case and provide a decision, which you also have the right to appeal. 


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