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Can remote workers receive workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a valuable resource for many employees who get injured on the job, but with the increase in work-from-home and remote positions, many people begin to wonder if they qualify.

Qualified injuries

If you were participating in work-related activities and sustained an injury or illness, this typically qualifies you to file a workers’ compensation claim. This standard is the same whether you work in your employer’s office or a home office. The main difference lies in proving the incident is justifiably work-related.

You should document the incident as soon as possible and reach out to your supervisor. Be prepared to answer questions about what you were doing when the injury occurred and how it relates to the duties of your job.

Mississippi’s benefits

There are two main types of benefits available under state statutes – medical expenses and lost wages. Benefits to cover medical care and treatment for your injuries are comprehensive. You can include any services, medications, therapies or equipment you require to recover in your compensation claim.

Lost wage benefits can also help to offset the costs associated with time away from work and your recovery. However, there is a maximum amount you can receive through wage loss benefits. Two-thirds of weekly pay is the general guideline. A timeframe for how long you can receive lost wages is also required, as it is a finite benefit.

An uptick in remote and telework positions brings many benefits and it does not mean workers like you lose the benefits of compensation coverage.


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