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What injuries will workers’ compensation cover?

A work accident is more than just an inconvenience in your life. It can affect your physical health and your financial stability, especially if you required time away from work as you recovered. Work accidents can be devastating, but injured victims may have a...

Even being sleepy can affect your ability to drive

You may be among the many Mississippi residents who just can't seem to get enough sleep. It seems to be a problem across the country. The fast pace of life these days leaves little time to catch enough "zzz's" to feel refreshed and alert.This may be why it's not...

Lupus and your claim for disability benefits

Lupus is an illness that involves a person's immune system. While many people in Mississippi have this illness, some people may find that their case is severe to the point that it impacts their ability to work. When an autoimmune disease, such as lupus, leaves a...

Who’s in the car with your teen driver?

You probably recall the jokes the adults in your life made when you first got your license years ago. Instead of congratulating you, they may have laughingly vowed to give up driving or hinted that the roads would never be safe again. You may have taken it in stride,...


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