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Bus Accidents
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Representing Individuals Injured In Bus Accidents

For more than 30 years, the law firm of Wood & Carlton, P.C., has fought on behalf of people injured in bus and van accidents. Combined, our lawyers hold nearly a century of legal experience.

Clients come to see us because they know that they need their own objective adviser. They understand that the insurance adjuster is there to protect nobody else’s rights except the insurance company’s.

Protecting our clients in these circumstances also means making sure they get the medical care they need. Our office maintains an active network of medical professionals dedicated to helping you heal.

Our firm’s client-first approach has helped put millions of dollars in the hands of our injured clients. Clients routinely use these funds to pay the costs and expenses that result from their injuries.

This experience enables us to help our clients intelligently structure any proceeds they do receive as a result of legal proceedings regarding their injuries. We regularly help clients protect their right to receive Medicaid, for instance, while also still maximizing their rights to recover for their injuries by way of the legal process.

In addition, our firm holds experience in addressing children’s injuries. In children’s matters, resolution of the case needs to be court-approved, including any legal proceedings regarding the children’s special needs.

West Tennessee And Northern Mississippi Bus Passenger Injury Lawyers

We invite potential clients to schedule a free initial consultation by calling one of our conveniently located offices at 662-841-2003. We maintain active offices in Corinth, Pontotoc and Tupelo. You can also reach our attorneys via email. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.