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Medical Bills And Lost Wages
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Medical Bills And Lost Wages

When you are first injured in an accident, you are likely not thinking about the long-term consequences if your injuries keep you from working. If you accept a settlement too quickly from an insurance company that is eager to settle, however, you may not receive enough compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages.

In Corinth and throughout Mississippi and western Tennessee, our personal injury lawyers at Wood & Carlton, P.C., focus on maximizing the compensation of our clients who are suffering due to all types of accidents.

To learn more about all the compensation you could be entitled to, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

We Can Determine The Extent Of Your Injuries And Financial Needs

Soon after your accident, you may receive a call from the insurance company of the party responsible for your injuries. It is important that you do not accept a settlement without first discussing it with attorneys like ours. A serious accident could lead to long-term costs such as:

  • Lost wages from being unable to work
  • Medical bills for immediate treatment and ongoing care, including surgeries and physical therapy
  • Installing adaptive equipment, such as wheelchair ramps, in your home

At Wood & Carlton, P.C., we can help you receive thorough medical treatment that carefully documents the seriousness of your injuries. This will determine a fair amount of compensation to seek. Our attorneys are committed to maximizing your compensation and helping you recover what truly will meet your needs now and into the future. We will not talk you into accepting a settlement that we do not feel is in your best interests.

Call Attorneys With Nearly 100 Years Of Combined Experience

Few law firms in Corinth or the surrounding area have the track record of recovering millions for their clients that Wood & Carlton, P.C., has. To schedule a free consultation with lawyers dedicated to helping you find a successful outcome, call 662-841-2003 or toll-free at 662-643-4341 today.