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Cerebral Palsy
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Cerebral Palsy

While medical malpractice claims are complex, injuries to infants present emotionally charged issues as well. Avoidable mistakes that lead to a life of physical challenges or around-the-clock care break the bond of trust parents had with their physician.

Cerebral palsy in newborns can result from a variety of conditions and errors that could have been prevented. Forced labor, improper delivery tools and other complications during the delivery can have devastating consequences if an infant suffers head trauma or a lack of oxygen from anoxia or asphyxia.

Mississippi Lawyers Pursuing Justice And Compensation For Disabled Newborns

The attorneys at Wood & Carlton, P.C., combine experience and knowledge with medical resources. Their comprehensive background allows them to get to the facts of birth injury cases and protect the rights of their clients. Nothing they can do will turn the clock back. However, they can take proactive steps in representing their injured children.

Our investigations are in-depth and exhaustive, and require the help of our network of medical professionals. We review the actions or inaction that led to the injury and subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis. We identify the party or parties responsible. We analyze the short- and long-term needs of the now-disabled child.

Whether a newborn suffering from cerebral palsy needs physical therapy or requires lifetime care, we maximize compensation in our pursuit of justice.

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Time is of the essence in the moments following a difficult delivery that left a child injured. While legal claims may be the furthest thing from parents’ mind, the rights of mothers, fathers and injured children need protection. Medical malpractice law provides a short window of opportunity to file a claim against an obstetrician or other medical professional.

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