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Erb’s Palsy
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Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is a permanent injury that is preventable. The tragic nature of this birth injury presents a lifetime of challenges to a newborn. Parents are left devastated by the news. The thought of financial compensation may not even occur to the mother and father. However, proactive steps must be taken to ensure that their child receives the care he or she needs, both now and in the future.

Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys At Your Side During Traumatic Times

Erb’s palsy is often the result of a difficult birth where the baby was too large to be delivered naturally or the result of pulling the child out of the birth canal. Other cases involve a much-needed cesarean section that was not performed. The injury to the brachial plexus leads to damage to the nerves connected to an infant’s shoulder and spine. The newborn is left with severe pain to the shoulder or partial or complete paralysis of the arm.

At Wood & Carlton, P.C., we encourage parents victimized by their trusted obstetricians mishandling their child to take immediate legal action. Medical malpractice laws have short statutes in which to file a claim. While parents are reeling from the birth injury and subsequent diagnosis and not even considering legal action, negligent parties must be held accountable.

Our lawyers team with a network of industry-respected medical professionals. Getting to the facts and combining it with insight help to maximize the compensation for a family left emotionally traumatized and an infant suffering a serious disability.

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