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Increasing safety awareness during distracted driving month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which means authorities in Mississippi and beyond are looking for ways to make drivers more aware of this danger. Despite most people recognizing the serious risk of engaging in this type of behavior, many drivers still admit to operating a vehicle while cognitively, mentally or physically distracted.

What injuries will workers' compensation cover?

A work accident is more than just an inconvenience in your life. It can affect your physical health and your financial stability, especially if you required time away from work as you recovered. Work accidents can be devastating, but injured victims may have a rightful claim to financial support through workers' compensation benefits.

Lupus and your claim for disability benefits

Lupus is an illness that involves a person's immune system. While many people in Mississippi have this illness, some people may find that their case is severe to the point that it impacts their ability to work. When an autoimmune disease, such as lupus, leaves a person unable to hold gainful employment, it could make that person eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

An injured worker's right to workers' compensation benefits

Workers in Mississippi who experience an injury in the workplace know that they could have a claim to certain types of benefits. However, if you are not injured, it could be beneficial to know about workers' compensation and how the claims process works. A better understanding of your rights can help you protect your right to recovery.

Who's in the car with your teen driver?

You probably recall the jokes the adults in your life made when you first got your license years ago. Instead of congratulating you, they may have laughingly vowed to give up driving or hinted that the roads would never be safe again. You may have taken it in stride, or perhaps you set out to prove them wrong by keeping your driving record clean.

I can't work, but how do I know if I qualify for disability?

Mississippi individuals who struggle with a disabling medical condition may not look like they are affected by a serious illness or issue, but in reality, they may be physically or mentally unable to hold gainful employment. People who are not able to meet the requirements of steady employment often find that they are also facing serious financial concerns. These individuals may be eligible for certain types of financial support.

Your job may be the cause of your carpal tunnel discomfort

You may know that Mississippi workers have the right to certain financial benefits when they suffer injuries from a work-related accident. However, you may not know that these benefits also extend to individuals who suffer work-related injuries or medical conditions that develop over time. You may be suffering from a condition that is the result of your job duties, and you could have a valid reason to seek workers' compensation benefits.

How hospitals can prevent the spread of deadly C. diff

One of the first elements of personal hygiene you learned as a child was probably washing your hands. Your parents likely reminded you to wash up before meals, after using the bathroom and when getting ready for bed. You may not have understood the purpose of all that washing, but as you grew, you learned how this simple act could help prevent the spread of germs that make you sick.

Your car accident may be more than just a pain in your neck

A car accident can result in various types of injuries for both Mississippi drivers and passengers. One of the most common types of car accident injuries is whiplash, and while considered a relatively minor injury, it can still have a major impact on a victim's life. It can be much more than a simple pain in your neck.

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