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3 ways to drive safely this holiday season

If you live in Mississippi and plan on making a trip this holiday season, you likely know the importance of safe holiday driving. Not only will you be faced with a higher volume of traffic, you’ll also be dealing with poor weather conditions, which can greatly increase the risk of an accident. The following tips will keep you and other motorists safe over the holidays.

When were speed limits first enacted?

In the beginning, hardly anyone could afford to own a car. If they were lucky enough to have one, there was not much traffic on Mississippi roads besides horses and carriages. In addition, nobody was moving that fast because they could not. Vehicles at that time were very limited. However, as time went on, technology improved and more people hit the roads in motorized vehicles, there was a need for speed limits.

Understanding the dangers of ignoring the speed limit

Every day, thousands of people commute on the busy roads in Mississippi and many of these people are in an exceptional hurry. In fact, speeding is a much more prevalent problem than many people realize and one that can put everyone around the reckless driver, at a high risk of injury or death. While ignoring the speed limit may not seem like a big deal to some, it is imperative that everyone understand the dangers of speeding in an effort to encourage everyone to be more responsible. 

Job-related fatigue and auto crashes

We have written about some of the different reasons car crashes continue to occur, such as texting behind the wheel and driving around on old tires. There are many other risk factors associated with motor vehicle collisions to keep in mind, such as working excessive hours, driving to work early in the morning or working a graveyard shift for the first time. Moreover, this fatigue can be incredibly dangerous when someone gets behind the wheel and drowsy driving has resulted in many lost lives and devastating injuries.

Tire age: Your safety may be riding on it

When you travel the busy roadways of Mississippi, you no doubt keep your eyes open for any signs of potential danger in your surrounding area. If you notice another driver making erratic lane changes on the highway, you likely try to keep as safe a distance as possible from that particular vehicle. Your safety alert may also kick into full gear if you pass a highly congested construction site along the road. Driving dangers often lurk in such areas.

5 causes of car accidents in Mississippi

A car accident can happen within seconds, and leave you injured, frustrated and dealing with car repairs. There are several common causes of car accidents in Mississippi. Whether you are dealing with a small accident or one that left you with serious injuries, an attorney can help make sure your legal rights are upheld throughout the process.

May the force be with you this holiday in Alcorn County

The holiday season is an opportunity to gather with family and friends. Food and drink is often consumed during holiday celebrations. For those that drink alcohol, it is important to remember not to drink and drive. To this end, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has unveiled a new campaign to prevent drunk driving during the holiday season.

Fatal car accidents and teen drivers

In a just a few weeks, school-aged children will be out for winter break. This is a great time for family and friends to be together during the holiday season. This may also be the time when teen drivers are out in greater numbers. These inexperienced drivers can sometimes pose a threat to themselves and other drivers on the road.

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