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Nail guns are useful, but can cause serious work-related injuries

Like other construction workers around the country, those here in Mississippi can take advantage of a lot of equipment to help make their jobs faster and more efficient. One of those pieces of equipment is the nail gun. While this device can be a lifesaver, it can also be the cause of serious work-related injuries.

Observe ladder safety to avoid work-related injuries

Mississippi residents who work in construction may spend at least some of their time on a job site on a ladder. While they are useful tools, they also present the risk of falling. Failing to observe proper ladder safety could result in work-related injuries that prevent being able to work for an appreciable amount of time.

Pursuing a third-party claim in a fatal workplace accident

Every job comes with risks. The difference is that, in many industries, the dangers are more apparent and prevalent. In other industries, workers and employers alike tend to forget about the hazards -- that is, until someone gets hurt. In fact, the possibility of a fatal workplace accident exists in many jobs, and occasionally, Mississippi workers may be reminded of that when a tragedy happens.

What happens during a VPP evaluation?

Voluntary protection programs (VPP) are implemented by employers as a preemptive measure to prevent injuries at their place of work. A VPP evaluation conducted by an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) team must occur before a workplace is allowed to participate in a VPP. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development explains what to expect during a VPP evaluation.

The top reasons for denial of worker’ compensation claims

Mississippi work injuries can occur in virtually any industry, from construction sites to office jobs. If your injuries prevent you from working, you may qualify for workers’ compensation. At Wood, Carlton & Hudson, P.C., we often assist clients in filing claims and fight for those with denied coverage.

Workers’ compensation deadlines

When workers in Mississippi become injured on the job or develop illnesses that are traced back to their workplace, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation helps to provide a steady income for workers as they recover from their injuries or illness. However, while filing a claim, securing the necessary benefits may depend on meeting important deadlines.

Will you need rehabilitation before you return to work?

As you continue to recover from the injury you sustained at your job in Mississippi, you are starting to look into your options for returning to work. While you are aware that it will take some time before you are able to return to the tasks you were previously assigned, you are anxious to get back to your responsibilities as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your injury, this process could require you to undergo rehabilitation. 

How can I cope with chronic pain?

If you’ve suffered from a work accident in Mississippi, you may experience chronic pain as a result of your injury. Not only can this be physically debilitating, it can also have an emotional effect as well. To help people cope with chronic pain, Very Well Health offers the following advice.

How can workplace fires be prevented?

A fire at your place of work can have devastating consequences, including serious injuries that may prevent you from working for sometime. That’s why it’s important for employers to take the proper steps to ensure fires don’t occur, as well as making certain the proper safety equipment is accessible if one does. EHS Today offers the following tips in this case, which can help keep workplaces safe from fires.

Filing a third-party lawsuit after an on-the-job injury

Being injured on the job generally qualifies a Mississippi employee for workers' compensation, and as a rule, you cannot sue your employer for the damages you suffered in the accident. However, if a third party is involved, you may be able to file a lawsuit based on that person's (or company's) negligence. We at Wood, Carlton & Hudson, P.C., often provide advice to workers who have been injured by a negligent third party.

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