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Don't be discouraged if your Social Security Disability application is denied

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a daunting task. The application process is complicated, and numerous requirements must be met before you are awarded benefits. Even worse, nearly 75 percent of all initial applications are denied.

Mississippi social security disability lawyers

Individuals who are unable to work because of an injury can sometimes be overwhelmed with a number of questions. How will families be taken care of? How will the usual bills be paid not to mention any medical expenses from the injury? For many who have been disabled from a work injury, assistance for themselves and their families can come in the form of social security disability benefits. Navigating this system can be difficult, however.

Repetitive injuries in the workplace

Workplace injuries can take many different forms. Some believe that these injuries are limited to those who engage in manual labor. However, office workers may also be at risk for career ending injuries. The main culprit of these injuries are repetitive motion disorders.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability?

Has a recent injury or medical diagnosis made it impossible for you to continue working? Wondering how you will be able to pay your bills? Social Security may be able to help with some of your financial needs. The Social Security disability benefit allows the injured and certain members of their family to receive benefits.

High jobless rate among mentally ill may actually be lower than reality

It should come as no surprise that Americans with mental illness have a harder time finding and keeping jobs than Americans without mental illness. What is surprising, though, is that the jobless rate among the mentally ill population is currently as high as it is. According to a new study, around 80 percent of those with mental illness are unemployed.

Qualifying for SSDI based on back pain

Back pain is a serious problem for many Americans, to one extent or another. Estimates are that 80 percent of Americans deal with some kind of back pain in their lifetime. The range of conditions includes everything from sciatica to herniated discs, neuropathy, and spinal stenosis. In some cases, the pain can be managed with chiropractic, massage, exercise, stretching and other remedies. In other cases, surgery and pain medication are used to manage the condition.

Qualifying for SSDI for post traumatic stress disorder

As readers know, life isn’t always easy for veterans who return from service. Oftentimes vets come back to civilian life with physical and/or mental wounds which interfere with their ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Vets and their advocates expect that the federal government will do its part to provide them with the benefits they need to integrate back into civilian life. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t always happen.

Applying for SSDI benefits on a mental health impairment

The Affordable Care Act has brought about some positive changes to the health care system, including giving more people access to health insurance, expansion of Medicaid coverage, and providing free or low cost health insurance to many Americans through their state. In terms of mental health care coverage, though, there are still challenges many Americans face.

Back yourself up with disability insurance

Most Americans don’t think twice about insuring our vehicles, homes, health and life, but for many of us, purchasing disability insurance may cause hesitation. This can be a particular problem for young people who feel they have no significant risk of disability and plenty of energy to bounce back quickly when they do get injured. The truth, though, is that research shows Americans in their 20s are more likely to be injured before retirement than to die.

Budget deal based on misunderstanding of SSDI program

Disability advocates have a fairly keen eye when it comes to gauging public understanding of the Social Security disability program. Unfortunately, journalists covering the topic are not always well informed in their presentation of the program’s challenges and purpose. Given that bias is not uncommon in journalism, this is understandable.

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