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Workers' compensation benefits in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has outlined steps for financial recovery for injured workers. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has set up a protocol for workers who are having difficulty receiving workers' compensation benefits. Individuals who are not having problems receiving benefits should not contact the Department. This article provides an overview of the process.

Employer responsibility to injured Tennessee workers

Each state has laws concerning injured workers. The state of Tennessee is no different. There are certain responsibilities that every employer has to his or her employees regardless of the cause of any work injuries. Citizens must know their rights to ensure that they are not violated by unscrupulous employers.

OSHA regulations and temporary workers

One of the consequences of the slowed economy of the past few years is that fewer people are employed full time. Part-time and temporary workers are being used to complete work assignments in Mississippi. This presents a unique issue concerning worker safety. Employers are responsible for the safety of both temporary and regular workers.

The role of HIPAA in Workers' Compensation

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that has a stated purpose to protect the privacy of health records for individual citizens. Information from an individual's health record should not be disclosed without his or her expressed permission. This information is classified as protected health information or PHI. The nature of workers' compensation cases is to utilize information to determine the scope of an individual's injuries. There are special rules for HIPAA when applied to workers' compensation cases.

How to file an OSHA complaint in Mississippi

This law firm represents Mississippi injured workers. On the job injuries tend to be unexpected, but can be both personally and financially devastating to the injured. The attorneys at this firm navigate injured workers through the difficult legal process to ensure that he or she receives proper compensation for their injuries. For employers who have violated Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations, it may be necessary to file a formal complaint with the federal government.

Understanding the workers' compensation process in Mississippi

Workers' compensation is an important resource for many workers and their families. As such, it is important for workers and families to be familiar with the workers' compensation process and to understand the workers' compensation benefits that may be available in Mississippi.

What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created a new era for the modern Mississippi workplace. The purpose of the act was to make American workplaces safer. The goal was to prevent workers from being killed or seriously injured while at work. To execute this function, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was created. OSHA both creates and enforces all the protective workplace safety and health standards. This administration also creates training and provides assistance to workers and employers.

SSDI not a substitute for long term disability insurance

Disability insurance is often described as an underappreciated form of insurance because many Americans choose not to take advantage of it, despite the important protection it offers. Long term disability, of course, provides significant income replacement for those who are unable to work because of injury or illness.

High court says Mississippi worker has paid enough to insurer

Sometimes when Mississippi workers are injured, it may be necessary for them to sue a third party in addition to receiving benefits under our state's workers' compensation law. Consider the case of a Mississippi man who was injured on the job when a train in Alabama hit his truck.

Family of deceased Mississippi prison worker sues employer

In the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Act, there is something called the exclusive remedy provision. This provision protects employers from being sued in certain situations in which an employee was injured or killed. Instead of suing the employer, injured employees or the families of deceased employees can seek workers' compensation.

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