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Spousal Benefits
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Obtaining Disability Benefits On A Spouse’s Record

Upon the death of a spouse or ex-spouse, many people do not understand that getting their spousal benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) involves a process that is far more complex than they could have imagined. The lawyers of Wood & Carlton, P.C., help surviving widows, widowers and ex-spouses successfully file their claims so they can receive these funds promptly.

Social Security Disability Benefits For Spouses

Our firm provides legal services custom-tailored to the needs of each individual client. This means putting our clients’ recovery first by making our entire team accessible to them on a regular basis.

Further, our attorneys possess seasoned legal judgment. Holding nearly a century’s worth of combined legal experience, our lawyers have helped thousands of clients just like you, meet the financial burdens associated with injuries and disabilities.

This sound legal judgment is important because, whether you are a widow, widower or an ex-spouse, receiving SSA spousal benefits means establishing eligibility. The eligibility process is often what trips people up when they apply without an attorney’s assistance.

Wood & Carlton, P.C., knows the issues when it comes to establishing your eligibility for SSA spousal benefits. Our knowledge of the legal system and its processes with respect to injuries and disabilities has helped put millions of dollars in the hands of our clients.

Corinth, Mississippi, Spousal Benefits: Experienced Attorneys Serving Entire Region

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