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Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition
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Did You Aggravate A Pre-Existing Condition At Work?

Workers who suffer injuries in a sudden job-related accident are eligible for workers’ compensation. While most employees are aware of the benefits, fewer know that pre-existing conditions can be covered as well. Workers’ compensation being a no-fault insurance system does not require proof that an employer acted negligently.

For over 20 years, the attorneys at Wood & Carlton, P.C., have provided customized, results-driven legal representation for injured workers throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. Their ethical approach combined with their track record of success is well-known throughout both states.

A Track Record Of Success Handling Complex Workers’ Compensation Claims

Pre-existing conditions can come from a lot of other circumstances, such as knee or shoulder injuries suffered in a motor vehicle crash or other type of accident, or a slip-and-fall in a store or on an icy sidewalk that results in serious back injuries.

After recovering from the nonwork-related accident, the person returns to the day-to-day duties of their job. Whether they have a position that is physically demanding or hold an administrative position, a re-aggravation of the injury suffered while working could qualify them for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation claims that involve pre-existing condition present complexities that not all lawyers can face. Insurance providers often object to these claims. Overcoming those challenges requires the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to counter the insurers’ arguments.

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