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Back Injuries
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Workers’ Compensation For Back Injuries

Work-related back injuries regularly change lives forever. Wood & Carlton, P.C., has helped injured workers throughout Mississippi and western Tennessee meet the financial burdens arising out of these injuries for more than 20 years.

Holding nearly a century’s worth of legal experience between them, our attorneys possess the seasoned professional judgment that has helped thousands of clients throughout Corinth and nearby regions. This experienced judgment has enabled our clients to gain millions of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits, funds they have used to meet essential costs and expenses both today and in the future.

Work-Related Lifting Injury?

A work-related twisted back or a back injury that sends pain radiating down a leg can end a career. Yet many of our clients suffering from these debilitating back injuries come to us after having had their workers’ compensation claims denied.

Our clients can rely on us with confidence to build detailed, thorough workers’ compensation claims so they receive their benefits as quickly as possible. We can do this both for first-time applicants as well as for those clients who have already been denied when they tried to file their claims on their own.

Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Back Injury Attorneys: Corinth Area

Potential work injury clients can contact our lawyers today at one of our conveniently located offices in Corinth, Pontotoc or Tupelo by calling 662-841-2003. You can also schedule your free initial consultation with our office by contacting us online. All communications between potential clients and our firm remain entirely confidential.