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Factory Worker Accidents
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Benefits For Injured Factory Workers

Factory work presents inherent dangers. Workers understand the risk of injury. While most take proactive steps to prevent an accident, they also trust their employer to maintain high standards of safety and adhere to OSHA regulations. Preventing manufacturing and industrial accidents should be the top priority. Yet, shortcuts and oversights committed by a company create hazards on the job that lead to injuries from:

  • OSHA violations
  • Chemical spills, resulting in burns and exposure
  • Fires and explosions that result in burn injuries
  • Electrocutions
  • Defective machinery and equipment

Diligent Pursuit Of Factory Accident Claims To Maximize Compensation

Handling a workers’ compensation claim without an attorney ignores the complexity of the law and all the options you have for recovery. Our workers’ compensation lawyers get to the facts, attending to every detail. We will identify the cause of your accident and the party responsible.

Regardless of fault, employers must pay workers’ compensation benefits for injured factory workers. However, manufacturers of defective factory equipment can also be held accountable, resulting in third-party personal injury claims.

Our experience and success is well-known throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. Peer attorneys throughout the area also have confidence in our skills and ability to maximize compensation for injured workers. Oftentimes, they refer complex workers’ compensation claims to us.

Corinth Factory Workers Accident Attorneys

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