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Latex Allergies
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Latex Allergies Can Making Working Difficult

The responsibility of an employer to ensure the safety of employees goes beyond the physical work environment: The material provided to workers to perform their jobs must be usable without causing injury. Yet, when cost-saving measures or outright negligence takes priority over safety, serious injuries occur.

Holding Mississippi Employers Accountable For Latex Allergy Injuries

Latex allergies are common. The use of latex gloves presents dangers to workers who suffer allergies to the material. Skin rashes are only the beginning; increased heart rates, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock require immediate medical attention. Exposure to latex is not only dangerous but also potentially fatal.

The attorneys at Wood & Carlton, P.C., provide personalized representation in work-related injury claims, identifying the specific issues surrounding the effects of the latex allergy. Once the employer is notified of your allergic reaction, the risk of exposure must be removed and alternatives to latex must be provided.

Refusal by a company to remove the dangerous and deadly hazard requires immediate legal representation.

We remain at your side throughout the entire process of your case, pursuing necessary compensation for your injuries and lost work. A higher level of dedication and diligence is needed to protect your rights, safety and health.

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