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Nonsurgical Injuries
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Work Injuries That Do Not Require Surgery

The attorneys of Wood & Carlton, P.C., hold more than a century’s worth of combined experience handling injury-related legal matters. For more than 20 years, the firm has helped clients throughout Mississippi and western Tennessee obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they need to meet their daily expenses now and in the future.

Nonsurgical Workers’ Compensation Injury Claims

Clients suffering nonsurgical injuries often approach us either after they have been rejected for workers’ compensation benefits or after the workers’ compensation benefits offered to them are grossly insufficient to meet their medical and financial needs. Like you, we know that just because a doctor will not perform surgery on you does not mean you do not suffer from a significant injury.

For that reason, whether we are dealing with a head injury, a joint injury or some other nonsurgical injury that reduces a client’s life quality, our entire legal team works diligently to obtain workers’ compensation benefits for him or her. To do that, we work closely with each client to establish eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits by building a detail-intensive case.

Our intensive approach to nonsurgical injury workers’ compensation matters has put millions of dollars into the hands of our clients. We can provide this level of personalized legal attention because we have purposely structured our firm to be responsive to our clients’ needs.

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Nonsurgical Injuries: Knowledgeable Lawyers

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