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Overuse / Carpal Tunnel Injuries
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Carpal Tunnel And Other Overuse Work Injuries

As typing and other repetitive motions have become more vital in today’s work environment, the prevalence of overuse injuries, such as carpal tunnel injury, has also increased. However, while it may seem obvious that your job caused your injury, proving it is another story. Workers’ compensation insurers tend to undervalue overuse injury claims, and will try to show that your injury was the result of a pre-existing condition.

At Wood & Carlton, P.C., our carpal tunnel injury attorneys can work quickly to establish evidence of your condition and tie it to your job duties. As trained professionals who focus their practice on injury law, we have the knowledge and dedication to provide honest answers and experienced legal help. Contact us at our law offices in northern Mississippi for a free consultation.

Types Of Overuse Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries frequently occur in shoulders, elbows, arms, hands and wrists. Our workers’ compensation attorneys handle claims involving:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome/repetitive strain injuries: Pain and numbness in the hands caused by nerve compression or damage
  • Bursitis: Shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joint pain and stiffness caused by inflammation of the bursae (sacs) between your skin and tendons
  • Tendonitis/tendonosis: Painful inflammation in the tendons
  • Epicondylitis/tennis elbow: Soreness in the elbow caused by inflammation or tears in the tendon
  • Stress fractures: Small cracks in your bones caused by fatigued muscles from overuse

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Our north Mississippi and west Tennessee workers’ compensation lawyers combine decades of legal experience with a will to win in the fight to get fair compensation for individuals suffering from on-the-job injuries. We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions honestly, giving you no less than the truth about your case.

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